Participants, collaborators, makers and coders:

Aggeliki Bakogianni, Katerina Zamzara, Athina Aggelopoulou, Nikos Eythimiadis, Alexandros Drumonitis, Marika Kostantinidou, Nikoletta Theodoridou, Iosif Victoratos

Aggeliki Bakogianni is a graduate of the Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering of the University of the Aegean. During her degree she gained a multidisciplinary point of view on design and knowledge on a range of fields. In 2009 she took a semester abroad, as an Erasmus exchange student at the ESAD University in Portugal studying product and communication design. In 2011 she did an internship as an interaction designer at the Mediamatic Foundation in Amsterdam, where she designed and built an interactive installation -a video recording booth- for the exhibition “Piece de resistance”, and also helped with the general organization of the exhibition. She continued working on Interaction Design in her thesis project where she designed an intelligent system for the production of table designs with the use of a genetic algorithm. She tried to explore the relation between design and biology through a customized evolutionary process. Each table has its own DNA and the user has an active role in the shaping of unique identity designs by controlling and influencing the tables DNA. The interaction between man and his surroundings and the interconnections between technology, design and society are of special interest to her and the main focus areas of research.


Katerina Zamzara is an architect and researcher currently working for the Hellenic Open University as a co-author and software designer. She holds a MA in architecture from D.U.TH., a research proficiency from E.T.S.A.M., Madrid and currently she is a Phd researcher at the department of Plastic Arts at the University of U.I. in Greece. Her previous academic research concerns issues of spatiotemporal and audiovisual perception and representation, as well as, of movement and rest and how space is being idealized. Since then, has collaborated in publications dealing with issues of narrative webs of interactive installations and collaborative design. Recent workshops and lectures attended, had to do with game theory and computational complexity, processing, DIY electronics, borders and boundaries in the cities, and film education. Her visual work includes video, software and gif.


Alexandros Drymonitis is an MMus graduate of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. He studied guitar in Athens, Amsterdam and Berlin, specialising in contemporary music, and specifically in the co-operation between the composer and the performer. He attended composition classes in Athens and Amsterdam, plus several electronic music seminars and workshops. He has found his place in the field of free improvisation and noise art. He has collaborated with various artists from different art disciplines, plus several ensembles, either interdisciplinary or music ensembles. He is currently a member of I.S.E. Medea Electronique and H1N1. He has taught at the Music School of Amsterdam and is currently teaching at ‘Philippos Nakas’ Conservatory in Athens.


Marika Konstantinidou was born in Athens and has recently graduated from the Visual Arts and Art Science department of the Sorbonne University in Paris. In her work she uses various media such as painting, drawing, installations, sounds or written text. Through a minimalist perspective, appropriation and ready-mades she explores matters concerning the spectacular and the limits of the visible. She also investigates public space issues. She has participated in festivals such as the Media Facades Festival (Brussels 2010), La Nuit du Street Art (Paris 2008), Kodra Action Field (Thessaloniki 2009, 2010), P-Public (Chania 2012), group shows and reading nights such as The Closet (Andreas Melas & Helena Papadopoulos, Athens 2011), Bilbao (Stigma Lab, Athens 2011) and has had two solo shows (To Remain Silent – The Closed Gallery 2011, The Last Show – Six D.O.G.S, 2013). She has also organized and curated shows such as the “BODY/SCREEN : Female Identities and New Media” at the Municipal Art Gallery of Chania (2012).


Workshop Participants – Former members of the group

Nikoletta Theodoridi is a freelance senior lighting designer. She holds a Bachelor in Interior Design from the University of Derby, U.K. via the Vakalo School of Art and Design and a Master of Science in the Environment Studies and Bioclimatic Architecture – Architecture School, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain. She has participated in numerous projects, as architectural lighting consultant, across various industry sectors including Leisure and Retail | Cultural Center | Museum and Gallery | Office | Urban Realm| Residential. She has been member of the organization committee of the seminars: “Light as link of different forms of Art, the Bright contrast the Lit” in Athens (2006), “Light and Architecture II” in Chania (2006). She has been attended a great number of seminars, workshops and exhibitions about Lighting, Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, Architecture and Landscape all over Europe.



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