The first workshop, took place on January 26-27 in Athens, and undertook the creation of embroidered interactive maps of the city. The participants engaged in the process of prototyping and building DIY electronics on textiles using various components – such as LEDs, resistors, sensors, buttons, buzzers, and conductive materials, in order to learn how to trigger a primitive digital soundscape with 8-bit sounds. They were handed a printed part of the city map and taught how to create an interactive sound pattern, acquiring skills in programming, physical interaction design and sound experimentation. Through the creation of this embroidered map, the participants became familiar with the concepts of electronic textiles and soft-circuits, and their use in art and design.

Workshop participants and collaborators: Katerina Zamzara, Aggeliki Bakogianni, Nikoletta Theodoridi, Athina Angelopoulou, Joseph Victoratos, Nikos Eythimiadis.










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